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"I still say the go flappy flap."
The blue male rolled his eyes to his blue female friend, who was not chuckling with a smile upon her face. His tail flicked in slight annoyance as a sigh escaped his lips, eyes gazing off to the side. He had already told her his wings do not 'flap' and he was not going to repeat his words again. His attention was drawn to the city lights, but was soon snapped out of his trance as he felt nudging against arm. Looking out the corner of his eye, there she was, her hands making a wing shape and flapping motion. With a small glare the blue male, softly nudged the blue female away from him. Why was it her behaviour annoyed him so, yet…an odd feeling made him 'like' it somehow. Her behaviour was far from over however…at that moment two arms were wrapped around his one arm, leaning into towards him. "Aries…" A sigh escaped his lips once more. "Circuit..?" He gave her a look, one of slight annoyance yet, curious to what she was going to say… "What cha looking at?" The blue female's head tilted to the side, her eyes blinking with slight curiosity. The blue male raised a brow and returned to his to the city. "The lights."
"City lights, just as pretty as the stars above."
He glanced towards her out the corner of his eye, curious to her words. "But. There are not many stars as there is with the lights."
"When there's more lights in the city, the less stars there'll be. Go to countryside however, you'll see many." Circuit smiled, her tail swaying behind her lightly. Aries had to admit, from being sat up on top of the highest tree, the view was lovely. Just before, Circuit had showed him a sunset. His thoughts were interrupted once more for an irritation was behind him upon his back. That irritation was 'her'. Circuit. Chuckling and playing around with his wings. "Woman!" Shooting a glare towards her, it was returned with a smile. "Just playin with ya Dragon boy."
"Do you always annoy your friends this way?"
Upon those words being spoken, her smile faded away. Aries gave a look of confusion…what was the cause for a sudden change in her emotion? "You're my only friend Aries…the first I've ever had." Her gaze trailed off to the side, the blue male tilted his head in curiosity with a raised brow. "..You're alone?" His question was returned with a nod of her head as his answer. "I always have been…why do you think I followed your owner? Not just cause of boredom, but curiosity." Both of them held their gazes to one another, yet he was the one who broke it. Looking off to the side, he had no words to say. He, himself was still learning about emotions, ways of life, work and activities. Returning his gaze towards her, he saw her gaze was focused upon the stars. Inside of him, he felt a small urge, like a tug. Something telling him to do an action, like an instinct. Aries raised his hand to reach over, to touch her shoulder. Yet…he stopped inches away and withdrew his hand. The blue female's tail flickered slightly, as she glanced towards him out the corner of her eye. "Everything okay?" She received no words, only a nod from him. Silence came between them, as both their gazes settled upon the stars. Yet…Aries found himself, his gaze to often trail away from the stars and looked to her. The patterns upon her metal parts glow brighter in dark, then day. It even reflected upon her eyes, his head tilted to the side. He found he could not look away and did not know why. Her gaze soon came into contact with his as she raised one of her brows in curiosity. "Aries?"
"What are you doing?"
"..At me?"
"..Maybe. Or perhaps what was behind you."
"Behind me?"
Her curiosity got the better of her and before she could realise she'd fallen for the oldest trick in the book. She had floated off the tree and into the air. Looking up she saw Aries, holding her, upon looking down she shrieked and clung tight to him. "Put me down!!" With a raised brow, he looked down to her. "..Okay." With no hesitation, he slipped her off and dropped her. Circuit shrieked even more as she fell through the air, yet…as if she'd never fallen she was quickly swept up again into the arms of Aries. Clinging to him, she gave him a glare. It was returned with a smirk and a raised brow "You really think I'd let you fall?" Her glare quickly faded with slight wide eyes at his remark. Aries landed them both upon a high hill, setting Circuit down softly on her feet. In no hesitation, she flicked him upon his nose "Don't ever do that again!"
"You dropped me!"
"I catched you."
"You!" No words would come out; he stood with arms folded and a raised brow towards her. She couldn't say more, because she knew he was right. However…she was stubborn to accept that."Well…You shouldn't of tricked me." Circuit flicked his nose once more, folding her arms across her chest.
"You shouldn't of looked."
"..You said you were looking at me."
"Did I?"
"You said maybe."
The blue female rolled her eyes at him, once again he was right and she just sort of proved it. Her tail flicked behind her, as she glanced off to the side annoyed. The blue male rolled his eyes at her stubborn side and smiled a little. There came that urge again to reach out for her…yet, he resisted and turned his gaze towards the stars. Within a few seconds, arms wrapped round his one arm. Circuit. A small sigh escaped his lips, he sometimes wondered if he should be use to this by now or not…Without realising and in sync with each other, both of them sat down upon the hill. It wasn't long until Aries found himself staring at Circuit again. This time he glanced down to one of her hands upon his arm…the urge returned and this time he went with it. He placed his clawed fingers softly upon her's. Circuit seemed lost in a daze with the stars, but not for long… "So, you were staring at me." Her gaze met with his, a small smirk across her lips. She received no answer, Aries just returned his gaze back to the stars.
The blue female raised a brow, sometimes his actions confused her. Yet, she understood he was still learning things for himself, especially emotions. Returning her gaze back to the stars, a smile upon her face. She leaned to the side so her head rested upon his shoulder softly. She felt a small breeze blow by, as her gaze glanced upwards slightly to Aries. He seemed lost in thoughts again. This time Circuit found herself staring. Yes, she always had her eye on him. But, only for a few seconds before she would look away. This time her gaze remained upon him. He remained just as handsome the first day she saw him. She found herself blushing a little at her thought, yet shook her head to rid of it. The silence was starting to bug her, urges of her playful side were returning and, it a side that she could not resist going against. So, with a smile and leaning into him more, she spoke up…
"They still go flappy flap…"
"They do not go flappy flap!!"
Lil gift for :iconsaftkalas:


Wanted to write something for our fave fan robot monkey couple Circries ( AKA Circuit x Aries )

I'm sorry I couldn't think of a better title and I apologise if I got Aries wrong XD. I wanted this to be a small surprise <3

Aries & Circuit's relationship is that of a 'comic relief' couple. Humour, love / hate. They annoy each other, both of them are stubborn, they're as bad as one another and yet they NEED each other. Oh yeah and they secretly like each other but, both have weird ways of expressing it considering, Aries doesn't know much and Circuit hasn't been around people alot / had friends.

So yeah, just some silly, fun yet cute romance in here for these two. Plus, Ain't wrote in a while, so my apologies if I am a little rusty XD

Hope ya likes hun <3


Circuit belongs to :iconnightottsel:
Aries belongs to :iconsaftkalas:
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RecklessKaiser Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2011
Aren't Circuit and Aries the most amazing robot monkey couple with an amazing relationship? :giggle:

Even if Aries is a complete clueless monkey; if I had to hint you clearly, Aries needs a huge sign to make him understand what's going on. *kicked* xD

I loved the stargazing between them. <3 More like looking to the city lights but you know what I mean. xD Also, how Circuit fell in the 'look behind' trick, haha. xD

I hope both of you draw a lot this week of this week, this couple needs more love. :shakefist: :heart:

Very very nicely done, babes; you never lost your touch for this stories. :thumbsup: :+fav: I wonder if I could write something like this. *taps chin in thought*
AstaAura Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You don't know Aries backstory silly XD there is a reason WHY he is like that but..until Leanda finishes his ref / story, he's a mystery to you who / how he is XD

They were star gazing as well you nugget! XD

Well hun, were not JUST gonna draw for a week ya know? XD We'll draw IF we want *throws a boot at you* XD

All you cna do is try hun <3
RecklessKaiser Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2011
Oh right, you basically told me that I don't know anything about his story but neither I can find out why he's that way 'cause there isn't actually where to read about it, that's sooo nice from you! xD

Yeah, to the city lights, does that count as star gazing too? Sweet! xD

Hey, hey! *catches the boot* I think it's obvious you will not draw all the week and that's why I said I hope. Seriously! I'm sure you were in a rush that you didn't read this carefully. xD;

Haha, well, I'll do best, if you could why couldn't I do it too? <3
StarEmber Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2011
You stole my idea you bugger XD

*lee evans* "I'll see you at home you fucking cow"

I love this and of course you got Aries spot on, he such a clueless bugger most of the time XD yet he always sighs alot I need to remove his sigh box damn dragon boy. very cute story indeed hun and I love it we'll have to draw some circries this weekend >w>

Love it muchly hun :heart:
AstaAura Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hush you! You liked it! XD

*Lee Evans* "You're drunk you're fuckin drunk!"

Yayz! He is a clueless bugger, but its so cute <3 XD Damn that sigh box! Fill it with a chocolate milkshake XD

Yes, we should..I see what you did there >w>

love loove! :heart:
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